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How to Get a Job Offer in NZ from Overseas Including Construction Jobs in NZ for Foreigners

Thinking about looking for construction or automotive jobs in NZ for foreigners? These industries are a popular choice for those wanting to move to NZ, as it’s often easier to get a job if you are skilled in these trades.

Many people of all nationalities have a dream to move to New Zealand. This country offers a uniquely slow pace of life, plenty of spectacular views, and numerous incredible holiday destinations. However, finding a job in New Zealand before you’ve moved here is a challenge. Find out how to go about finding work in NZ from overseas.

Find Out About the Job Market in NZ

The first consideration you’ll need to take into account is which industries are easier for foreigners to get into. There are a few areas where there are a shortage of workers, so it may be easier for you to find roles in these industries.

Automotive Jobs in NZ for Foreigners

If you are a qualified mechanic, it could be far less challenging for you to get work in NZ. Those with the right qualifications may be able to find a role due to the shortage of skilled workers to fill these positions.

Construction Jobs in NZ for Foreigners

Construction is one industry that has been hard hit by Covid-19. In addition to facing a shortage of building supplies, there are also many construction jobs in NZ for foreigners available as there aren’t enough Kiwis to fill these roles.

With the government recently investing in large-scale construction projects, there’s never been a better time to find a construction position in NZ if you have the right experience.

Are You Eligible to Work in New Zealand?

To be able to work in New Zealand, you need to meet certain requirements. You may work in NZ if you are an Australian or NZ citizen. This includes those born in Tokelau, Niue, or the Cook Islands.

Alternatively, you can apply for a work visa which allows you to work in NZ. You will need to meet certain requirements for this visa to be approved.

You’ll find it much easier to get a visa granted if you can get an offer of employment before you come here. Keep in mind that the various visa types come with different benefits of what you are entitled to when you move here.

Where Are the Best Regions to Find Work in New Zealand?

Where you’ll want to move to in NZ will depend on the type of work you’re seeking. Some work is regional, such as working on wineries or farms. Other industries have roles all over the country, such as if you’re considering automotive jobs in NZ for foreigners.

Research the country to find out what areas might suit the lifestyle you want. Some regions are more rural while others are more beachy or industrial.

To discover which areas various jobs are offered in, take a look at the Shopless job listings. This is a great way to start getting an idea of where you should move to find construction jobs in NZ for foreigners, for example.

Contact a Recruitment Agency

Once you’re in the country, recruitment agencies can be an excellent way to get temporary work, often in the construction industry.

A recruitment agency is more likely to help you if you already have a work visa for NZ. They do tend to prefer to work with people who are already in the country.

At least they can tell you what industries usually have a lot of opportunities, so that you know what to direct your search towards.

Create an NZ CV and Cover Letter

Depending on what a CV and cover letter would usually contain where you are from, you may need to write new ones that appeal to NZ employers and companies. Get more advice on creating a modern CV layout and writing a cover letter from our previous blogs.

Where to Look for Jobs

Not sure where to begin your job hunt? Whether you’re looking for construction jobs in NZ for foreigners, or a position in another industry, check out the job listings on the Shopless website. We have thousands of roles covering a range of industries in regions all over New Zealand.

Checking out what’s available now will give you an idea of the volume of positions in different industries. That way you can figure out what industry might offer you the best chance of success.

It’s time to get started looking for a job in New Zealand – good luck!

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