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Jobs in Demand on NZ Job Boards

Quit typing ‘find jobs near me’ into Google and discover what the most in-demand jobs are right now. There are plenty of roles in the below industries on free listing sites like Shopless at the moment. We’ve put together a list of the most popular industries on NZ job boards so that you can reimagine your career and easily find your dream job.

Whether you have qualifications or are looking for an entry-level position, there are options to suit everyone on the list below. You’ll be able to find plenty of roles in these fields by heading to NZ job boards like Shopless and completing a search for positions you are interested in.

Why Are There Shortages in Certain Industries?

Many industries have been severely affected by COVID-19, effectively shutting off New Zealand from the rest of the world. In the past, numerous employers heavily relied on workers coming from outside of the country each year to fill their available positions.

Other sectors have struggled for years to fill positions. This is mostly due to a skill shortage and not enough New Zealanders choosing to study for roles in these industries. The IT, engineering, and science industries have all had trouble filling positions long before COVID.

What Are the Most Common Industries on NZ Job Boards in 2021?


Viticulture, also known as the wine industry, is a massive player in the New Zealand economy. Wineries have a desperate need for seasonal workers during harvesting time, and usually, most of these employees come from overseas.

As we have found out since COVID closed the borders, New Zealanders are not as interested in filling these roles. Last harvest season, most wineries struggled to complete their harvests without the usual influx of international workers in the country.


Bars, restaurants, and cafes usually hire a considerable number of international workers each year, particularly in tourist towns such as Queenstown.

When you look on NZ job boards these days, you can see numerous roles listed for hospitality positions such as bar staff, baristas, waitresses, and more. If you have little experience, hospitality is an easy industry to get into as it usually doesn’t require any qualifications.


Another industry with a low barrier for entry is retail. Most stores have entry-level roles that don’t require qualifications or previous experience. Shop owners are finding it more challenging than ever to get enough staff, so you can see many of these types of roles popping up on job boards.


As of June 2021, there were approximately 140% fewer construction workers in New Zealand than required. This industry is desperate for new, qualified workers. Anyone looking for a job in construction at the moment can find one easily due to the high demand.

Last year, the government put together an investment package including around $180 million set aside for large-scale construction projects. If you’re considering a career change, this would be a great industry to get into right now. The top in-demand positions include project managers, quantity surveyors, forepeople, supervisors, site managers, and contract managers.

Warehousing & Storage

As stores keep growing, especially with the increasing prevalence of online dropshipping stores, the warehousing industry continues to thrive. While there is more and more automation in this sector, there will always be a need for people in warehousing businesses.

You can see on any free listing site that workers are required in roles related to processing, inventory control, and supply chain management. This need is set to grow over the next five years, so now is the time to get your foot in the door.

Information Technology

Previously, IT employers have relied on getting people from other countries to fill the skills shortages they experience. In 2019, 3,683 people were offered visas for IT roles. In 2021, bringing in this influx of international people to fill positions is no longer possible.

Because of the shortage of skills in the IT sector, qualified individuals can easily find positions on NZ job boards. If you’re considering undertaking some study, we recommend considering the IT sector. It’s not only easy to get a job if you’re qualified, but the industry usually pays well. IT businesses are often looking for UI/UX designers, project managers, business analysts, and software engineers.

Find Your Next Position

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