Popular New Zealand Cars: Are they the most efficient?

Popular New Zealand Cars: Are they the most efficient?

New Zealanders love to get out and about in our stunning country. We also like to ensure that we have an excellent mode of transport to take us places. Annually the Motor Industry Association of New Zealand releases new-car data. This provides insight into the most popular New Zealand cars. But are kiwis considering all aspects before committing to their car purchase? 

Shopless NZ has a detailed breakdown of what we should be considering when buying a car. Taking into account aspects such as environmental footprint, immediate cost of the car, resale value and quality of the car. So before you commit to your purchase, we can offer insight in to the overall efficiency of your purchase.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger has consecutively received top spot when it comes to vehicle popularity in NZ. Named the most popular car of 2020, and is tracking to claim the top spot again in 2021. It is the classic kiwi car, great for the outdoors, designed with ample boot/trailer space for the kiwi DIY project and also a great efficient work vehicle.

Sustainability: The Ford Ranger is a larger make of car and has a high petrol/diesel consumption. Affected by the NZ government’s proposed clean car taxes, due to take place in 2022. Some sources suggest that the large influx of Ford Ranger purchases in 2021 have been to avoid the price increases that may come from the taxes implemented in 2022. Like many of the other large vehicles on this list the Ford Ranger produces higher gas emissions. So has a detrimental environmental impact.

There is however a light at the end of the tunnel for Ford Ranger lovers, passionate about the environment. Ford has improved their sustainability efforts. Receiving an ‘A’ grade in global water and sustainability initiatives. Also proposing an improvement of the fuel outputs of Ford Rangers, looking to release more efficient models from late 2022.

Immediate cost: The immediate cost of a new Ford Ranger will depend on the make and specs of the Ranger. A brand new Ford Ranger varies in value from $44,690 (NZD) to $57,690.

Resale value: The Ford Ranger depreciates approximately 39% over 5 years. Reducing to approximately $30,500 for a middle priced Ford Ranger. If you are looking into purchasing a second hand Ford Ranger. Purchasing a car that is approximately 2 years old could save you around $7,000.

Quality: Ford Rangers rated high in customer satisfaction and use. They are all terrain vehicles that are great for both off-roading and driving around town. The engines are powerful, built with sturdy, reliable long lasting parts. Ford Rangers are good quality vehicles.

Toyota Hilux

Kiwi’s clearly love the idea of a sturdy all terrain vehicle. The Toyota Hilux is tracking to be in number two in popularity in New Zealand. Toyota has a reputation for reliability and the ute proves a useful for tradies or those needing extra storage space.

Sustainability: The Toyota Hilux is very similar to the Ford Ranger in the sustainability footprint. In the emissions output graph released by NZTA, the Toyota Hilux had the highest CO2 emissions out of all the cars considered in the government’s emissions tax scheme. Toyota itself does promote the integration of sustainable practices in their cars. This is a focus on introducing recycled or more sustainable materials in to their cars. However they have not specifically stated if this is an initiative that will use in their Toyota Hilux vehicles

Immediate cost: There are a wide range of price options available when purchasing a Toyota Hilux. A cheap model of the Toyota Hilux is around $23,500 (NZD). While high end models can reach up to $70,800, brand new.

Resale value: According to Australian statistics the Toyota Hilux has the best resale value out of the popular cars mentioned in this blog. It has a 3 year depreciation value of approximately 76.6% of the original sale price. Which is a bonus if you are looking to sell your used Toyota Hilux.

Quality: Toyota Hilux’s have a high reliability and safety rating. Added security features on the car ensure better safety with off road expeditions. These cars are robust and heavy duty. Still consistent with the quality reputation of the Toyota brand.

Mitsubishi Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton is the third ute on this list. Another great all rounder and very popular New Zealand car. It is a slightly more lightweight vehicle, with the most popular option being the double cab Triton. Most offer 4WD and rear wheel drive (for around town), but some models only offer rear wheel drive.

Sustainability: The Mitsubishi Triton is similar to the other ute counterparts in carbon emissions and is a high gas guzzler. Like other brands Mitzibishi is working to promote sustainable practices. In particular use materials with environmental consideration and offer sustainability reports on their vehicles. While other options of Mitsubishi  are offering more of a sustainable focus, the Mitsubishi Triton is the most popular Mitsubishi vehicle in NZ, increasing in popularity in 2021. 

Immediate cost: A brand new Mitsubishi Triton ranges in price between $23,500 to $53,500. A price range that is cheaper than vehicles with similar specs.

Resale value: There is less conclusive data as to the resale value of the Mitsubishi Triton. However a brand new Triton from 2016 averages at approximately $20,000 less than a 2021 model. For buyers a second hand vehicle is a great, cost effective option. If you are after a Mitsubishi Triton, but not willing to spend the brand new price.

Quality: A Mitsubishi Triton is not as sufficient for off -roading or harder use. A great ute for town run arounds, with some off-roading. They are more comfortable vehicles to drive and safety conscious.

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift is actually a bit further down the list of popular New Zealand cars. However it is currently in the top ten and it takes first spot for a non-ute vehicle. We decided to introduce the specs of the Swift for a reader looking for a less ‘adventurous’ car.

Sustainability: The Suzuki Swift’s fuel consumption is considerably lower than other larger vehicles. They have a 1.2l engine and due to being a lightweight vehicle emit and consume less fuel when driving.

Immediate cost: A brand new Suzuki Swifts sits in the price range between $12,200 and $29,000. This is a cost effective option if you are looking for a reliable new car.

Resale value: The average resale value of a modern Suzuki Swift in 2021 was $10,120. This is a popular car that holds its value well. If you choose to sell (or buy) the car second hand.

Quality: Suzuki scores well as a reliable car option with good longevity. A driver power survey conducted considered the Suzuki Swift one of the top 20 most reliable cars in production. The car can be 4WD so is a bit more robust than similar lightweight vehicles. They also have a high level of safety standard.

When picking a car to buy it is a matter of taste. Shopless NZ has presented a range of specs of the most popular New Zealand cars in 2021. Make sure to have a look at the new and second hand vehicle options in our selection of motors here. Or maybe you would like to list your vehicle with us. Whatever your need, Shopless NZ will help you buy or sell your vehicle. You will most likely find some New Zealand favourites in our range!