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Christmas Car Gifts NZ: Top Vehicle Gift Ideas in 2021

For those New Zealanders passionate about cars, there can be a long list of things that you want or need in your Christmas stocking.  For those who have a friend or family member passionate about cars, it can be hard to know what to pick or prioritise. Car stores can feel like a maze to navigate, and the specificities of a gift purchase for a car can be confusing. Gift shopping can be a challenge in itself – Shopless has a list of gift ideas for the car enthusiast. Taking the dilemma out of your vehicle gift purchase. And for car enthusiasts hopefully inspiring you in narrowing down your Christmas car gift. 

Dual Action Polisher Set

A DA Polisher set is for the car lover that takes absolute pride in the maintenance of their car. Youtuber Chris Fix, recommended a DA Polisher set as one of the top car tools or gadgets to use as a Christmas gift for 2021. The function of the polisher set is to keep the exterior of the car in pristine condition. They are intended to make the process of polishing and waxing a car easier than doing it by hand. Making the process more efficient, less time consuming and doing a better job than by hand. A DA polisher is particularly intended to smooth scratches and nicks, so can be useful for individuals who do a lot of 4 wheel driving or someone with an older car looking to maintain it to a high standard on the exterior. 

Front and Rear Dash Cam

Particularly for New Zealanders a front and rear dash cam can be a beneficial Christmas purchase. Kiwis often venture off-road, down rugged roads or drive in treacherous conditions. A front and rear dash cam can provide an insight into a day’s driving, and also provide that extra assurance if an accident occurs. Dash cams range in price and are said to be one of the most useful in car devices for tech or car enthusiasts. 

Car Vacuum 

Car vacuums are extremely useful gifts for car lovers, particularly for those working on the vehicle in a garage or away from the house. Most car vacuums either operate on vacuum power or can plug into the cigarette lighter. Helping the owner to clean the car in many different locations. Car vacuums also come with various brushes that are more suited at getting inside the cracks and crevasses in a car.

Apple Airtag

An Apple Airtag is a valuable gift and relatively inexpensive gift for any car owner. Particularly a friend of a family member who is constantly losing their keys! The tracking services on the airtag allow for a sound to be made when the key tag is lost. Additionally if you leave the keys in an unusual spot you can usually track them down very easily. For those with multiple vehicles you can also name each tag, so if you are hunting for a particular car key you can ping that tag to find it. It is a great tech gift and car gift for any one with a car.  


Now this may seem like a spanner in the works. But car or vehicle related lego makes it into vehicle related gift lists year after year. Lego is such a popular commodity that various high end car brands release limited edition sets annually. This includes lego sets such as Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 or the Lego Speed Champions Panasonic Jaguar Racing Cars Set. But also sets that can be more commonly acquired at a local game store. Lego car sets are a great option for parents who can work on the lego set with children. Or for those who are already lego collectors, as well as car enthusiasts. 

3D Number Plates

3D gel number plates are one of the best gifts for car enthusiasts on Christmas. You can also get it customised according the person you are buying and get it delivered as early as possible.

Shopless has offered some vehicle related gift ideas, for your shopping this Christmas. There are a lot of innovative car accessories available. And tools for those passionate about the upkeep of their car/cars. In the Shopless car part section you can find a range of useful accessories for your car. Or if you are looking to buy or sell your car over the Christmas period make sure to check out Shopless’s motor range, here

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