New Technology and Gadgets for Cars in 2022

New Technology and Gadgets for Cars in 2022

There are many novelty accessories that we can purchase for our car. Many of them can be very useful. Whether that is to keep the car clean, keep our phone charged or maintain the general upkeep of our car. The auto industry is always changing and adapting, and what we needed last year may now be updated or different. New motor technology is always upgrading and adapting and it is great to know the latest technology that might be relevant to your new or used car. 

As an online marketplace for motor listings, Shopless looks into the latest technology and gadgets that you could get for your new car. Listing the top novelty and useful things you can purchase for your commutes. 

Portable Jump Starter or Battery Charger

Getting stuck with a dead battery can be the worst feeling. Particularly if you have left your car light on in a remote location, or if you are in a rush to leave. That is why a portable jump starter could be one of the best investments for your car. In New Zealand jumpstarters can start around $79 and one that can be used with their own battery pack, meaning that you do not need the assistance of another car to restart the battery. To get an idea of the range of battery starter packs that cater to different needs this article provides a great insight into the options that are available.  

For electric cars owners (or potential owners) you may want to consider a portable EV charger. This may be for if you have underestimated the distance to the next charging station. Or just for safekeeping. 

Both portable jump starters and portable battery chargers and a great option to have to ensure to get between destinations in a timely manner. Without hassle. Some car companies are also in the process of creating wireless charging options for the future. 

The Handpresso or Portable Coffee Machine

Now in New Zealand we all love our coffee, right? We also have sparse landscapes to explore. The Handpresso or portable coffee machine allows you to take your coffee to any destination. There are a variety of plunger type coffee machines that offer a great option for coffee on the road. However the 2022 handpresso is an invention by Nespresso that uses a similar system to the coffee pods, but with minimal use of space. This is a car gadget that could hold a lot of value in New Zealand, for those driving across the country. 

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

This car gadget is one that we named in our top christmas gifts of 2021. However a portable car vacuum cleaner is still a leading car accessory in 2022. A portable car vacuum allows for car cleaning anywhere on your travels. It is handy for dog owners who like to quickly clean their car after a k-nine adventure. Or anyone who likes to maintain that quality of the interior of their vehicle. Most portable car vacuums come with multi-use nozzles that get into all areas of the car. And are an excellent affordable gadget for your car.  

Car Cams

For driving around town or for longer travel a dash cam can document your travels and keep a log of any incidents. Dash/car cams are constantly updating and are becoming important technology to have in your car. You can have cams that provide video for both the front and back of a vehicle. And ones that link or save to your phone or another device. Or very specific cameras such as a video rear vision mirror that records what is seen in your rear vision mirror. For 2022 the latest car cams are a must have for vehicle technology

Digital Key

Digital keys are extremely easy to access through an app on your phone. This will link your automated key with your phone so that you can lock/unlock your car through your device. However to ensure this works with your model of car it is best to talk to the relevant car company. Additionally it provides features such as showing you how much petrol you have left or how much battery range your EV has. Some of the simpler apps may provide a service like ‘find my key’ where you can locate a lost car key. 

We have listed just a few of the top gadgets or technologies that you can get for your new or used car in 2022. If you are looking to buy a new car, or have an existing car that you would like to sell. Make sure to visit our online marketplace, Shopless for our selection of motors around New Zealand.