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Shopless Marketplace – Unwanted Christmas gifts and more!

It’s that time of year again! Where we have been spoiled excessively, eaten a bit too much and celebrated as kiwis do. During the lull between Christmas and New Years we tend to evaluate the things we have received. And maybe, just maybe there are some unwanted Christmas gifts lying around the house. 

Shopless is a great place to list your unwanted Christmas gifts, we can also help with productivity during this holiday lull! Here is a bit more about what we offer and how you can use our platform. 

Listing your Unwanted Christmas Gift

Shopless offers a simple way to list your unwanted Christmas gifts this holiday season. All you need to do is sign up to Shopless, here. From there you can easily place your gift into the appropriate category, decide on how long you want the listing to run for, add a catchy title and some great pictures. Your unwanted gift will be ready to be sold! While you are on our platform you can browse some of the listings for a more desirable item of your choice. Or you can list as many or as few items as you would like! 

Benefits of Listing Your Items on Shopless

  • On our platform you can list each item at the price you want. No bidding wars, or disappointing offers. You can find a buyer who will purchase at the price you want to sell, by enquiring on your listing.
  • Sell within the time frame that you need the item sold. Shopless offers the freedom of listing an item for a longer period of time, or a short time frame. Meaning you can get rid of the item quickly, or take your time to sell and get the price you want for your item. 
  • It is free to list your items on Shopless. At Shopless we offer a pay for promotion system, where you don’t have to pay for your listed item. If you want your item to appear more noticeable, at the top of a search or a larger listing. Then you would pay an amount of your choice to promote your item. 
  • We support local charities and businesses. Our services section showcases local business listings and services that you can utilise within your local community. 

Giving back to the community

When you list your unwanted Christmas items on Shopless and boost your post, 20% of your boosted post goes towards charitable organisations. That’s because we choose to donate 20% of our revenue directly to NZ charities. 

At Shopless we are passionate about helping the local community. Particularly we are dedicated to supporting charities that focus on sustainability or on supporting refugees settle in New Zealand. The top charities in New Zealand that we support through your listings are Kai Cycle, Forest and Bird, Changemakers and the NZ Red Cross. If you would like to find out more about these great charities make sure to check out our previous blog explaining how these charities contribute to helping NZ.  

Typically over the holiday period charities see a dip in donations or giving. At a time where the need in the community is high. Many articles also suggest because of COVID some charities have already experienced a rapid decline in giving. Putting a strain on smaller, community based charities. 

Listing your Motors with Shopless 

At this time of year our motors section is filled with cars, motorbikes and more from around New Zealand. Shopless is a great place to list your vehicle, and the holiday season is a great time to sell or buy. Over this period buyers tend to have more time and availability to view a car, and same for the car owner. Some users have also received an unwanted car for Christmas and wish to list it to be sold quickly. So the market is busy for car sales. 

Make sure to check out our motors section here, for buying or selling your car.

Job Hunting with Shopless 

Early January tends to be a time of increased job listings, with a lull during the Christmas/New Years period. But this does not mean you need to wait to look for a job. The holiday season can be a great time to evaluate your job prospects, start applying for jobs and have a look for what type of job you really want. Forbes magazine released a list of activities to do during the holiday season to work towards getting a job.  

If you have decided that the New Year offers a new opportunity for you, Shopless is a great place to start looking. And for companies looking for workers, the holiday season can be a good opportunity to beat the rush of job listing. And to find an ideal candidate. Whichever category you fall in to make sure to check out Shopless’ job section here. 

We look forward to seeing your listing on Shopless. Whether you are listing an unwanted Christmas gift, job, motors, house or service we are a platform to help you reach your desired audience. And if you are browsing these categories make sure to support local by shopping through the Shopless online marketplace!