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Shopless: A Platform Helping to Support Charities

Welcome to Shopless! We are an online shopping platform where users post their advertisements for free and purchase products with no surcharge attached. We are focused on the community and how we can best make shopping and selling accessible to our customer base. The business model we work by is pay for promotion. This allows users to pay an additional fee to boost their own content.

However, we not only operate with our users and customers in mind, we also seek to ensure that we are helping to support New Zealand charities at the same time. 

Our Charity Promise

As a company we have chosen to donate 20% of our revenue to organisations that are fighting global warming and help refugees. This means when our users choose to boost their post. Or put money into our organisation, 20% of their payment goes directly to a charity. At Shopless we choose to focus on community needs, so that we can see charities supported in New Zealand. Helping them to implement their selfless work in society. 

With that in mind, we want to give our users a deep dive into the organisations that we support. So that when you post a boosted listing on Shopless you know you have contributed towards great charitable initiatives. 


ChangeMakers is a Wellington based NGO helping to immerse refugees into the Aotearoa, New Zealand culture and lifestyle. It does so through advocacy, research and community development activities. ChangeMakers seeks to positively influence government agencies and NGOs on the best ways to engage with communities that have a large number of refugees. They also help to produce guidelines and policies to help the businesses and individuals to gain an understanding of the best and most respectful ways to engage with refugees and refugee communities. 

If you would like to find out more about this amazing organisation, that desires to make incredible connections with refugees to New Zealand. Show your support to the charity by visiting the Changemakers site here.


Kaicycle is a sustainability focused non-profit that seeks to implement effective recycling and composting initiatives in the community. They are based in Wellington and offer a bicycle lead compost service for the Wellington CBD and surrounding suburbs. The non-profit requests that businesses or flats in the area sign up for either a weekly compost pickup. Or that you deliver your own compost to the organisation, weekly.

For pickups of compost the Kaicycle team will meet you at your location on their bike, and have appropriate bins to place the waste in. The compost is then used for composting and planting projects run by Kaicycle. 

For more information about this sustainability initiative, or to show support for the charity. Make sure to take a look at the Kaicycle webpage here.

New Zealand Red Cross

The New Zealand Red Cross is a charitable organisation that has been helping the New Zealand community since 1915. They have a strong focus on international crisis support and aid. They also run programs helping refugees become supported and empowered as they rebuild their lives in New Zealand. Red Cross is an established non-profit organisation in New Zealand, and has a range of initiatives offering aid and support. 

If you would like to find out about what initiatives the New Zealand Red Cross are currently running or gain a deeper understanding of the charity. Make sure to take a look at the New Zealand Red Cross website here.

Forest and Bird

Forest and Bird is a New Zealand wide organisation that works to protect the wildlife and natural landscapes of New Zealand. They are NZ’s leading independent conservation organisation, and running a wide range of conservation and sustainability projects. Projects include trapping predators, removing weeds, advising and encouraging environmental policies and focusing on protecting native wildlife. Forest and Bird also release a quarterly magazine that focuses on New Zealand flora and fauna. 

If you would like to find out more about Forest and Bird NZ, take a look at their website here.

Shopless is passionate about seeing our charitable organisations succeed in their initiatives. If you would like to find out more about how much has been donated to charity, or who we have donated to. Make sure to take a look at the Shopless quarterly financial report. 

We are also always open to supporting new charities. So if you would like to nominate a charity to receive donations from Shopless please contact us, here to let us know. You will find the Shopless contact information here.

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