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Jobs that are Valuable for Small Businesses

Owning your own business can be challenging to navigate. As your business grows and scales up that can also be where real pushback comes in. If there were a handbook to know who to hire and what services to pay for that would be useful! There are a lot of resources available but it really depends on what is important to you and your business. Regardless, it is hard to know what employees you should hire. What roles will be an asset to your business. And if hiring new employees for your company will be an asset or a problem. As a business grows it is important to be strategic about hiring employees will come alongside the vision and direction of your business, but also bring their individual skill sets help towards growth. 

Shopless takes a look at job roles that can be a real asset to a small business. So that you can get an insight as to what employees might benefit your business in those phases of growth. As an online marketplace that connects hirers and NZ jobseekers you can list your potential job listing on Shopless. Finding a great employee wherever you are in New Zealand. 

Accounting Professionals

Starting your own business can be difficult in itself. You have to be the everything person from marketing to sales and accounting. An accounting professional can be a valuable asset to a small business. They can take a lot of those significant financial tasks off of your hands. They can manage payroll if you have multiple staff members, they have the tools and understanding for the cash flow of the business. This can dictate your marketing approach or customer interactions, as they can give you insight as to where money is coming into your business. Where your client purchases lie, and what products or services are performing. Accounting professionals can be an asset to a small business, to provide logic and understanding to the financial side of your small business. 

Marketing Strategists

Having an all around marketing professional can be a real help for a small business. A marketing professional who has experience with a variety of platforms can help to provide an understanding of where and how to market your business. There are a lot of contractors or marketing businesses around also. But having a marketing professional as a part of your team can provide good insight into how to get your service or product out to your business. 

An expert in marketing can also be vital in helping to set your small business up online, particularly with google, facebook or other online ads. As well as budgeting for these avenues of advertising. Marketing strategists of any kind can be great at sourcing a flow of online and in person customers. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are a great all around taskmaster for your company. They are competent in a variety of tasks and can assist your business from home or at any location. Virtual assistants are particularly skilled with CRM programs, organising and analysing customer information and behaviour. They can also do tasks like analysing competitors, admin tasks, book keeping and social media management. They will often adopt the processes of the company that will be a significant help to a small business. 


Administrators are always an asset to a business, and particularly for small businesses can take a load of time consuming tasks off of your plate. They can complete a mirage of tasks including proposals, admin, financial tasks and creating an efficient office space.  In Australia there is a decreasing demand for admin roles, and it is said this is because employers either believe they can do these tasks themselves or delegate the administration tasks to different departments. For a small to medium business these admin tasks can be all consuming. And take away from time spent marketing or developing your business. So an administrator is still an incredible asset to a business. 

Regardless of who you choose to hire for your business it is important to be clear and strategise exactly the role you need in order to hire the right fit for your business. Too many employees for small businesses are left feeling burnt out by the ambiguity and pressure to fulfil tasks that they are not qualified for. In the process of hiring a new employee it is important to fully inform the applicant of the role. Introducing them into the business in a way that is positive and helps them to confidently transition into their role. 
Shopless is an online marketplace where you can list the jobs available in your business. If you are growing your business, need an employee or a contractor Shopless is a great platform to list a vacant role. For those looking for employment, Shopless has a range of job listings from around New Zealand.