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Why Camper and Caravans are Increasing in Popularity

New Zealanders love to get away. In the pre-covid world international travel was an integral part of the kiwi psyche, even just hopping the ditch to Australia. However due to travel restrictions kiwis have had to reduce their geographical distance when it comes to travel. Instead focusing on our own beautiful country that is New Zealand. So instead of taking time booking flights and long distance travel the demand for caravans and campervans in New Zealand has risen in the last two years. 

What makes these holiday vehicles appealing to New Zealanders? Online marketplace, Shopless looks into what factors of campers and caravans make purchasing and hiring these vehicles popular in NZ. 

An Economic Holiday

New Zealand can be an expensive place to travel. Once you have made an initial investment of a camper or caravan purchase, then the cost of the holiday overall is significantly cheaper. And assuming you participate in multiple holidays then over time it saves money. There are various free apps that will guide you to locations to park your camper, and places to stay such as Campermate. You have the flexibility to park your vehicles at an array of scenic locations. And will often be gifted with the prime accommodation views at a location for a fraction of the standard accommodation cost. 

There is a lot more flexibility in your Itinerary

If you have plans to do a full road trip, a camper or caravan provides a lot more flexibility in your itinerary. While during peak times such as over Christmas and holiday periods it is still important to book your destinations. Overall you can choose to stay for longer or move to another location more freely when your vehicle is the mode of transport and source of accommodation. On regular holidays is it a lot more important to book accommodation, so that you know you have a bed to sleep in. Additionally when you travel with all of your gear, a motorhome or camper means that you don’t have to unpack and repack your suitcases at every location. 

Focusing on Sustainability

In New Zealand there is a strong community around those that choose to use their camping vehicles regularly. There are facebook groups that are for caravan and campervan owners, as well as long term occupiers of camp vehicles in various camping groups. New Zealand Motor Caravan Association actively communicates the bylaws and importance of respecting the environment when camping. Over the past few years freedom campers have had a poor reputation that have encouraged stricter laws in certain areas. However in general those that use motorhomes and caravans are focused on the environment. 

Campgrounds are also trying to focus more on this sustainable outlook, by incorporating electric vehicle charging stations into their developments. Also creating strict recycling rules and initiatives. 

You can bring your Pets on Holidays. 

A total inconvenience of a regular holiday temporarily rehoming your pet. Whether that is putting them in a cattery or kennel, having them stay at a friend’s house or getting a house sitter to mind the family pet. In holiday vehicles such as campervans and caravans you have the convenience of taking your pet on holiday with you. Obviously this doesn’t work for all animals, but for many families they offer a peace of mind and a reduced cost to their holiday. 

When choosing to take your pet in your motorhome/camping vehicle, there are some important elements to factor in. Including making sure your pet is up-to-date with their vaccinations, the places you visit must allow for animals (national parks have restrictions on animals). As well as making sure the places you stay are also dog (or animal) friendly. NZ Herald wrote an article recommending some great locations to take your dog with your campervan.

Great for various Demographics

Holidays on the road and living in your vehicle can be the ideal holiday for all types of people. Couples, singles, families and friends. Over the last 10 years there has been an increased interest in living out of or holidaying in your van or car. Most of these cars would be refurbished to accommodate sleeping. This is an increased trend in younger generations, and those interested in backpacker-like holidays. 

For families and older generations the larger caravan or camper van provides extra bedding and personal space to roam around. Most also come with kitchen or bathroom facilities. These larger motorhome vehicles have proven popular amongst holiday goers over the past few years. With some camper and caravan facilities stating that the demand is higher than the import ability. 
So if you are looking for your next vehicle to explore New Zealand with. Whether that is a car, camper van or caravan, make sure to take a look at Shopless online marketplace. We have caravan and camper van listings located in our motors section. As well as a range of great vehicles that will take you around New Zealand, whatever your need.