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Popular Car Wash Options NZ

Car transport is kiwis number one choice of transport around this country. There are approximately 4.4 million licensed drivers in New Zealand and 3.4 million cars on the road. Every active car needs maintenance, and due to our rugged outdoors some cars frequently use a wash.

Traditionally New Zealanders are known for their DIY car washing techniques. At home with a soapy bucket, flannel and hose. However we are gradually progressing past this method due to regulations around what is going into the environment and water usage. So what methods are kiwis using to wash their car in 2022? Shopless investigates. 

The Fundraising Wash

Fundraising car washes are a traditional part of the kiwi car washes. Often a great space for NZ kids and teens to raise money towards one goal. The fundraiser organisers will have likely considered the environmental aspects of the clean, including the regulations about where the car is located and what products can be used. It is also a great way to support New Zealand community initiatives and often a sausage sizzle is provided.

 In 2021 kiwi band Emperors Night used this New Zealand tradition of a fundraising with a car wash to help with expenses due to lack of work over COVID lockdowns. The band is located in Los Angeles and found the community responded well to their kiwi ingenuity. 

Coffee and Car Wash

A popular initiative that has been introduced into New Zealand in recent years is the personalised car wash experience. The concept is to leave your car with a valet and do other things as it is washed. Some of these car washes are located in the mall, while others offer a coffee at their own cafe. This fits with the kiwi coffee lover’s desire. While being a personalised and popular experience when it comes to washing your car. They also often offer both interior and exterior cleaning options. 

Some car washing services also offer DIY options. This is a good choice if you do not have the products to do it yourself at home. And they adhere to the council regulations for hose washes in the area. These car wash stations also may have more cleaning utensils or options available for your convenience and use.

Commercial Car Wash

Commercial car washes have been a popular New Zealand  for a long time, but for many the expense means they are a rare option. However over previous lockdowns in New Zealand the commercial car wash has become more of a popular option. Particularly because people have chosen to stop at petrol stations for other necessities such as milk or food items rather than go to a supermarket. During their stop the people choose the car wash option as an added convenience to their stop. 

The commercial car wash washes the exterior of your car with high level cleaning products Including wax and soaps. It is not as personalised as other options of car washes so are susceptible to missing necessary areas that cannot be reached by the brushes or are too fine.

DIY Car Wash

The do-it-yourself car wash is still one of the most popular options kiwis choose to pursue. Stuff released an article suggesting highly useful and effective techniques on how to wash your car. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing to wash your vehicle at home. Using products that are more environmentally friendly or not over using water are two starting points. Christchurch city council recommends things such as ‘dry washing your car’ , washing on the grass instead of the driveway and using a bucket instead of a hose. For information about your local car wash regulations make sure to check out your local council website. 

Additionally make sure you know the brand of detergent you use well, or have read reviews prior to purchase. As some businesses in NZ have been accused of misbranding and poor customer service with online products. 

Does this change the way you would wash your vehicle? There are so many options available to us nowadays that provide a great way to keep your can clean and looking good. If you are selling your car you might consider an option that offers a deeper clean. If you are looking for a quick rinse the commercial car wash may be a great option. 

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