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What should be included in a Job Listing.

As an online marketplace, Shopless posts multiple job listings a day on our platform. We do our best to provide a guideline as to what to include in your job listing. But there is a lot of freedom and ambiguity when it comes to posting a job. That can mean sometimes jobseekers are clueless on what the job actually entails. And other times employers feel as though they have listed a posting relaying the incorrect qualifications. 

To make things simpler for you, Shopless has looked into some of the best practices when it comes to listing a job. What makes a job listing stand out and what clearly should be listed in a posting to attract the right fit for your advertised role. Additionally for job seekers it is also important to know what you should be looking out for in a listing so that you can find the right role to fit your expertise. 

Be Clear on The Job Requirements

If the role has a massive scope of work, you may be compelled to add ‘fluff’ to the job description. Language such as being an ‘allrounder’ and ‘go-getter’ are overused and commonly misunderstood words. If you do wish to use descriptive words to amplify your advertisement. Make sure to use words that correlate to your business values, and would fit into the environment that you have already established as an employer. 

Additionally, extra unnecessary qualifications that would be beneficial for the job but are not necessary are also better to avoid. For example if you were to say “having a masters degree in marketing would be beneficial but not necessary” immediately makes an applicant assume that someone with that qualification would be picked above them. Even if they have more practical experience or are an outstanding candidate. Being clear in a job description means to state exactly what you expect from someone in that role. Listing the tasks of the job, similar to what may be laid out in a contract.

Don’t Over-sell your Business

An indication of a business that does not value its employees is a listing that over promotes the company. Leaving the future employee doubting the truth behind what is said in the listing. Empty promises such as “earn as much as you desire”, indicates that the company values sales above the individual employees. Even sales or commission based roles can be framed in a way that clients feel rewarded by their employers. Also what employees value differs between individuals. A phrase like “we have pizza and games on a friday afternoon” may be seen as a great opportunity to connect by some applicants, and a disappointing waste of time to another applicant. 

Tangible benefits such as health insurance, company car or phone plans are great to include in an employment text but other ‘perks’ that are not as impactful may be detrimental to the text. 

List the Pay – If you can

Some jobs do have wiggle room when it comes to pay, if you are searching for the right fit, experience or qualifications. However if you do have a pay bracket, or standard pay for the role it is beneficial to be transparent about the pay offered for the role. In Washington DC (USA) a law has recently been passed requiring hirers to advertise the rate offered for the role. This is for companies with 15 or more employees. But sets a precedent that employers should be clear about both pay and job expectations. This also filters out people who are looking for a distinctly higher salary, or those that aren’t qualified for the position. As there is more of that consideration and comparison with jobseekers current or previous roles. 

Compare your Advertised Role to other Listings. 

Researching what other job listings for the same or similar role advertised will help you to construct your own successful posting. Through researching other job listings you can have a look at the wording used by other companies. Reflect on whether you have missed out aspects of the job description in your own text. Get more of a sense of what other companies pay for such a role. And also define your vocal points as a company. 

If you are a small business something like ‘working closely with a small team’ may really appeal to some jobseekers. While for bigger businesses the “opportunity to progress” may appeal to  jobseekers. Doing market research individualizes your listing. Allowing for a unique job posting that peaks the interest of certain jobseekers. 

Shopless has listed four ways you can make your job listing stand out. It is important to note that a job listing really should reflect your expectations for the employee. And give them a glimpse of your company. Our online marketplace is a great place to list a new job. Make sure to post your next job listing with Shopless. Or if you are a jobseeker on the hunt for a new job, browse our jobs section for your next role.