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What is New Zealand’s Top Colour and Brand of Car?

Are New Zealanders particularly picky about their cars, or is it just what they can get? Some brands of car offer a diverse range of car colours. While others stick to the same colours year after year. Some New Zealanders choose to name their cars based on their colour selection. Such as kermit for a green car. Is the colour choice indicative of their brand choice? What are New Zealanders’ favourite car brands, and are they the same today as they have been in the past?

Shopless looks into New Zealand’s favourite car colour AND our favourite car brand – and compare them to the brand and colour favourites worldwide. 

New Zealand’s Favorite Car Colour

New Zealanders favourite colour car is silver. This has been an all time favourite colour since the early 2010’s. Previously colours such as white were the standard colour of choice. According to New Zealand Herald’s rainbow motoring analysis there were 1,182 216 silver cars registered in 2018. This was followed by 1,061,776 white cars, then blue, grey and black. Silver was named the most popular car colour in surveys done in 2017, 2018 and 2020. 

International Favourites

The most popular car colours internationally vary. In the USA the most popular car colour of 2021 was white. With 28% of the American population choosing a white car. Red was a surprise colour gaining popularity with 8% of Americans picking a red car over other colour choices. In Britain on the other hand Black was the most popular colour of 2021, a consistent top choice of colour for the region. 

In Europe blue has seen an increase in popularity with 10% of car owners choosing a blue car. Other features such as a two toned car (different roof colour), and dramatic accents saw a rise in popularity. However much like New Zealanders who favour silver, grey was the most popular colour in Europe, with 27% of car owners choosing Grey – White was a close second with 23% of the population choosing a white car. 

Closer to home in the pacific and oceania region saw an increase in popularity for “warm and emotional colours”. More vibrant colours that had been mixed with silver, grey or copper tones, to create a duller illusion were peaking in popularity. 

Overall though, white was the international favourite. With black, grey and silver all contenders for second place. 

New Zealand’s most popular car brands

Historically the most well known and well utilised car brand in New Zealand is Toyota. As it has been a popular car brand known for its reliability. 2017 data suggested Toyota was by far the most popular car brand, with Nissan and Mazda in 2nd and 3rd positions.

Latest figures show that currently New Zealand’s most popular car is a Ford Ranger, indicating Ford may now have boosted into top spot. However several makes of Toyota are runner up including the Toyota Hilux. Additionally the Mitsubishi Highlander is also a top seller in NZ a brand that is also historically popular. 

Of cars registered in NZ in 2021, Toyota was still the most popular brand of car across our population.  

Favourite Car Brands Internationally

In 2020  Toyota overtook Volkswagen for the “world’s best selling car brand”. A title Volkswagen had held for 5 years. Currently Toyota is still the most popular car brand internationally, however the popularity varies across countries. For the Southern Hemisphere Toyota tends to be the top selling brand. But in Northern Hemisphere countries it varies. European countries favoured Volkswagen, while Canada’s most popular brand was Ford and America favoured General Motors. You can see a more in depth map analysis here.

Shopless has given you an insight into kiwis most popular car colour and brand. And how that compares on a global scale. If you are looking to buy, sell or browse for cars, make sure to check out our motors section here.