What do these dashboard warning lights mean

What do these dashboard warning lights mean?

Unless you have an extensive car background. You have probably been in this position – A car light comes on in your dashboard. And you have no idea what it means! You frantically do a google search. To see if it is something urgent, or that needs immediate attention. Eventually you begrudgingly take the car to the mechanic. Just to be on the safe side. The dashboard warning lights can causing us a lot of confusion and hassle!

Don’t worry we have been in this position too! So Shopless has done a bit of research on common, yet not well known, dashboard lights. So that next time a light comes on. You might have a bit more insight into what that light might be signalling!

The Brake Warning Light

The brake warning lights indicate an issue with the brakes.

The brake warning light as shown in the above picture, indicates that there is a problem with the brakes. As the brakes are one of the most important features in your car. Particularly in preventing accidents. This light definitely should NOT be ignored. The most common problem is that the brake fluid is low. This is not a major issue and can be fixed by safely topping up the brake fluid. As per the car’s manual. However it should not be assumed that this is the answer to the light. If the light does not go off after topping up the brake fluid. It is important that you see a service provider/mechanic. To fix the problem. 

Rain and Light Sensor

Rain and Light sensor could mean the windscreen needs replacing.

This issue is anything to do with the rain sensor system, or windscreen. The most common problems being malfunctioning sensors or a discrepancy with the windshield. The blog mentioned says that a replaced windshield could have been fixed with the wrong materials. As long as the wipers and headlights still work as required. This is not an urgent matter. However if you have just recently had the windscreen fixed or replaced. It is definitely worth following up. And should be tested when you can. 

The Ignition Switch Warning Light

Ignition Switch warning indicates trouble with the ignition key

The ignition switch warning light, this is a more urgent matter. This light like many of the others could indicate a few potential problems. It could signal that there is a problem with the key being used in the ignition. If you think it might be this you could try cleaning in and around the keyhole. As well as the key itself. It could also be a mechanical issue such as an ignition switch problem. You should get this checked out. 

Suspension Dampers Warning

Suspension damper signals something is wrong with the vehicles suspension.

This indicates a problem or issue with your car’s suspension. It could be wear and tear. And there are a few lights that indicate different faults in a vehicle’s suspension. It would be good to get this one looked at with a mechanic. As the suspension can affect the steering and feel of a car. When driving. 

Rear Spoiler Warning

Rear Spoiler warning.

This dashboard warning light is more common if you have made adjustments to your car. Particularly the spoiler. It shows an issue in the spoiler system. This is an issue that needs attention. But it is non-urgent. It will likely often only affect the car, or be noticeable. When driving at higher speeds. 

Traffic Light System

We have given you a selection of 5 slightly less-known dashboard warning lights. To give you a better insight into the warnings that might show. One of the handiest things to know when you see an unfamiliar dashboard light. Is the traffic light system! Green or White light means something that can be changed by the car owner. Orange light means get the issue checked as soon as you are able. Red warning light means urgent attention is needed, see a mechanic immediately. 

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