The Classic Kiwi Bach New Zealand's Top Spots

The Classic Kiwi Bach : New Zealand’s Top Spots

New Zealanders love to escape the city life. Particularly around the sun soaked Christmas period. This is why we are known for our classic kiwi bach – an escape from work to our home away from home. There are so many hidden gems around New Zealand that offer a great opportunity to purchase a bach. Shopless takes a look at New Zealand’s best kiwi bach locations.

Introducing the Kiwi Bach…

The word ‘bach’ comes from the term ‘bachelor pad’. Although as it is now an ingrained word in the New Zealand psyche it no longer refers purely to the young single male getaway. But rather refers to a home that is purchased for the purpose of holidaying in that location.  

There are a few requirements that tend to attract the kiwi holiday home owner. Fortunately across New Zealand we have a range of bach opportunities to fit your exact criteria. The water is always an attraction, whether that is the sea, lake or river that is up to personal preference. Kiwis also like the serenity of a large backyard. Some baches offer a flow on to the beach, while others have a large section. The classic kiwi bach does not need to be luxury, but offers the necessities such as a comfortable bed, kitchen and dining facilities and a scenic location. For more ideas on your ideal bach, Stuff offers an article that encompasses the classic kiwi gateway locations and stereotypical holiday homes.  

Golden Bay

Particularly for South Islanders, Golden Bay encompasses the ideal getaway location. Take a scenic drive across Takaka Hill, into the stunning and scenic Golden Bay.  It is located completely out of the way of anywhere in New Zealand, sitting at the top of the South Island. So travellers need to be intentional about escaping to the Golden Bay. There is access to the necessities in the area such as groceries, information centre, cafes etc. But realistically if you are passionate about truly enjoying the activities New Zealand has to offer, Golden Bay offers just this – kayaking, beach, hikes and more.

A 1hr 45 drive from Nelson, Golden Bay is surrounded by stunning rugged scenery, picturesque ocean views and a plethora of outdoors activities to fill your days. Golden Bay is a great location to purchase a kiwi bach, particularly if you are commuting to your holiday home from a South Island location. 

Karikari Peninsula

The Karikari Peninsula is known for its sandy white beaches and access to wilderness walks. There are many options of bach purchases in the area, all of which have unique and relaxing attributes and surrounding scenery. The Maitai Beach is the most popular spot for kiwi bach purchasers, as this beach is considered one of the top swimming locations in New Zealand. The spot is also home to a rich cultural heritage, with 2 Maraes located in the region. The area is very sparse so it offers a bach location that feels like a true escape from the world.

Mount Maunganui Beach

The kiwi bach does not need to be in an out-of-the-way location, nor does it need to be barely populated. Mount Maunganui has been a classic kiwi holiday destination for a number of years. Now a bustling tourist attraction, the beach and town is just a 2hr 45 min drive from Auckland. There is plenty to do at Mount Maunganui from surfing to shopping, walking and relaxing.

The beach itself has been named New Zealand’s top beach destination. “Relax on white sand beaches, surf in the warm ocean waves, or swim in the relaxing waters of Pilot Bay. This is a great place to kick back and people watch. Numerous beach, ocean and multisport events are held here utilising the natural features of the Mount and people of all ages enjoy the Main Beach year-round.” Mount Maunganui has become popular as both a place to live and a bach location. 


In this New Zealand Herald article, Mangawhai was a recommended location for a North Island bach. Based on the affordability and accessibility of the area. Another Northland location, Mangawhai is highly accessible from Auckland and has been a kiwi bach location for a long time. It is home to both traditional and modern baches, that accommodates a cross section of holiday home buyers. Managwhai offers idyllic beaches that have different attributes. One beach boasts brilliant surfing conditions, while the other is much calmer for swimming and outdoors activities. It is also close to a number of wineries and a reputable golf course. 

Lake Tekapo

Another great South Island bach location, Lake Tekapo is less populated and less in-demand than other spots nearby. Such as Wanaka and Queenstown, but it is a brilliant location to consider. Lake Tekapo is close to other tourist destinations, has the picturesque lake at its doorstep and is the ultimate retreat. There are a number of walks in the region and you can also relax in the hot-springs at the end of the day. Lake Tekapo is also a prime location for stargazing, adding a brilliant stillness to your home away from home. Only a 2hr 45 minute scenic drive from Christchurch, definitely a picturesque location to build a bach. 

New Zealand is riddled with amazing locations, whatever your desire for a bach. Things to consider are the accessibility, activities in the region and what you want on your holiday. Additional requirements such as building requirements in the area, pricing and access to views are also important things to consider. To browse baches or houses for sale in kiwi holiday spots, make sure to check out the properties sections of Shopless, here.