Taking Charge of Your Own Professional Development

Taking Charge of Your Own Professional Development.

In today’s workforce there is a lot of ability for movement and progression as an individual. Many of us seek work that has growth and development opportunities, or we choose roles in which we see the ability to progress. If you are seeking professional development because you are feeling stagnant in your current role or looking for input. There are free initiatives available that can see you build yourself professionally. 

Shopless has researched the free initiatives in New Zealand for professional development. So that you can grow and develop in your professional capabilities, and when the right opportunity arises you are prepared to make that step up. 

Consult a Career Coach

One of the government’s current initiatives is a free career advice service. The motivation behind this initiative is to help New Zealanders find direction in their work environments. This service is not exclusive to people who have lost their jobs, but offered to any New Zealander seeking professional development.

The way it works is that you choose to contact a career coach through the government’s website. The coach will then book in a 30 minute consultation with you. Once the career coach has discussed with you your current work situation and goals within the workplace. The coach will then research options and things to consider relevant to your situation. A longer consultation will then be booked to discuss possibilities providing input into your career goals. This is a great free initiative to take advantage of, even if you are just wanting some motivation in your current role. For more information on consulting a career coach additional information is located on the Careers NZ website, here.

Develop Yourself with Online Learning

There are so many opportunities for professional development through online learning platforms. You can use short courses to find out more about specific subjects, or you can develop yourself with longer courses that provide certifications. Some top international learning platforms include Coursera, Udemy, Master Class and Skillshare. These learning platforms often offer certifications on completion of their courses. Courses can range from free and short courses, to online masters degrees. If you are looking for a high qualification such as a university degree, online learning is also a great option as it offers a lot more flexibility with the study. 

Online learning is also a good option if you are thinking about a career change. You can find out more about your desired area of work, before committing to a career change. They also provide a platform to develop your leadership and management skills. In New Zealand many of the libraries offer free online learning through LinkedIn Learning. If you have a local library card, make sure to view your local library site to access the learning platform. Through this platform you can access one-off development courses, or take 10-20 hour long comprehensive learning modules. With longer courses certificates are offered on completion of these courses.  

Libraries that offer access to these courses include the Auckland City Libraries, Wellington Libraries, Christchurch City Libraries and Hamilton Library. Additionally many regional libraries such as Nelson Library and Selwyn District Libraries offer access for their members. It is also important to note that these courses can be accessed at home as long as you are a member of the library. 

Attending Industry Meetings

Networking can be a key aspect in your professional development. Industry meet-ups are often free and offer an excellent insight into positioning yourself well in your job or business. Across New Zealand you can find regular industry meetings specific to your area of expertise, or you might want to attend large career focused events. Many of the large events are listed on Eventbrite, if you are looking for regular free or low cost events take a look at your local council website for information on these meetings. Additionally casual or less formal industry events are often hosted on social media, either as online events or at set locations.  Connecting and meeting with like minded professionals is a great way to stay motivated and attentive towards your career aspirations. 

Demonstrating a Great Work Ethic in Your Current Workplace

If you desire change or progression, being visibly enthusiastic about opportunities in your current workplace will help you with professional development. This does not mean taking on extra responsibilities but rather making sure that you show up well to your job. Many career progression sites suggest that showing up well and enthusiastic to work will benefit your own professional motivation. Additionally this will create a positive profile of yourself in your work environment – you will be perceived as a valuable employee.

Having an awareness of what career opportunities are available helps you to understand the steps you can take to progress. The team at Shopless has identified some effective ways you can work on your own professional development.  If you are looking to move to another role, or looking for opportunities within your area of expertise. We recommend checking out the latest NZ jobs listed here.