Seasonal Work Creating a Permanent Relationship

Seasonal Work: Creating a Permanent Relationship

The holiday season is a time for increased seasonal work. For holiday jobs such as extra retail support staff, catering roles, wrapping presents or picking fruit. It is a busy time of year for many companies. So if you are wanting a temporary job it is worth checking out the Shopless Jobs section. 

It can be hard working a seasonal job, many people choose not to apply for fear they will be re-applying for jobs at the end of their contract. But Seasonal work should be seen more positively. It provides a means of employment during a busy time of year, and some roles advertised may be looking for permanent or casual employers later down the line. Shopless has offered an insight into what to expect from your seasonal employer. And how to make the relationship last well. 

Types of Seasonal Work

There are all kinds of seasonal work available over the holiday period. Work and Income state that seasonal jobs are a great opportunity to develop your skills and gain work experience. Here are some seasonal roles that you might find on Shopless:

  • Orchard Work
  • Fruit Picking
  • Pickpacking
  • Christmas Casual Retail Staff
  • Supermarket staff
  • Vineyard Work
  • Christmas Wrapping
  • Hospitality or Catering Staff
  • Event Crew
  • Security Jobs

What You will see in a fixed Term Contract

Employment NZ has legal information about what you should find in a fixed term, seasonal work contract. Generally the employer needs to provide valid reason to have the contract as a fixed term opportunity. They also need to be clear on the start and end date of the employment contract. And the contract CANNOT be a probationary period for a permanent position. They cannot use the seasonal or fixed term role to see if you will be appropriate for the same permanent role. 

Work that has the possibility to become permanent

Some Christmas positions do have the possibility to become permanent employment once your contract ends. Roles such as retail or hospitality that need extra employees over the holiday period may offer permanent or casual employment later down the line due to other staff leaving or a need to keep your service. Other casual roles will state upon employment that there is a possibility that they may need a permanent employee in a similar role further down the line. 

The most important thing if you are seeking permanent work is to be upfront with your employer. Being clear that you would like to find a permanent position within the company when your contract ends, allowing them time to consider whether they can hire another team member. Additionally, having this information from the start allows the employer to assess more closely the value that you add to their company. And whether you are a good fit for the team. It also gives you space to evaluate if the work environment suits you, so that if you were offered a long term position you can make a decision based on how you feel you fit in the company. 

Another option that will help to create the opportunity of a permanent position, is to be open and interested in developing yourself. Often seasonal positions offer simplistic roles, as the position is finite. But if you seek to develop yourself and invest your interest in the company, within your work hours. You will likely be viewed as an enthusiastic and capable employee. Opening you up more possibilities further down the line. 

Even if your employer does float the idea of a potential permanent work outside of your fixed position. Do not rely on this until you have a permanent contract. As stated previously the fixed term role cannot be in place of a permanent position, so at the end of your contract there would have to be a valid opening available for you to take a permanent or casual role within the company.  It is great to excel at your work, regardless of the position. However make sure you are aware of your contract’s end date. And you have a contingency plan, apply for other positions so you can go into a role following your fixed term. If you have enjoyed your seasonal role, maybe look for a different role within the company you have been working. 

If you do get offered a position outside or inside the organisation, you can use this as a negotiation tool. Hopefully securing yourself a permanent position, after your seasonal experience. 

Creating a Relationship where they want you to return. 

Some work is completely seasonal. Jobs such as fruit picking, gift wrapping and other employment that only requires work during a set period is unlikely to be able to offer you a permanent long-term position. However it is still important to develop great relationships with your seasonal employer to help gain a great reference. And so they will call on you again the following season. 

If you prefer to work by contract or during set times of the year you can continue on your relationship through continual support for the business, or requesting to be in the companies database. So larger companies will have a database of casual or contract workers. Where they will contact this list if they are needing extra support at times. Other companies will notice you as a positive worker if you email them during peak seasons or comment on their facebook activities. 

If you are looking for seasonal work, or on the job hunt in the Christmas season make sure to check out Shopless. We have a range of opportunities in our Job section to cater to your experience. You can start saving for some holiday fun!