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Job Security: What are the most Stable Jobs in NZ?

For some of us, job security is extremely important. Others prefer chopping and changing. And many also enjoy working their way up, in a bunch of different professions. But in an age of economic unpredictability. A 2020 study by Statistics New Zealand concluded that 1 in 14 employed people reported a high risk of losing their job.  So should we be evaluating the stability of our job more? Shopless has taken a look into what is considered the most stable professions in New Zealand. 

Civil Engineering

With the promoted labour shortage in New Zealand, and push towards the trades. Civil Engineering stands out as a key profession for longevity and need. Civil Engineering provides a varied job, with outdoor requirements. But usually a Monday-Friday work week. It is a profession that requires an engineering degree. And offers opportunities to work within the public or private sectors.  With an increase in demand for labour and construction work. Civil engineering is top on our list for job security.


There is a shortage of nursing staff in both New Zealand and Australia. Some sources suggest factors such as the physicality of the job. And a reputation for average pay increases as you progress in the profession, as less of an incentive to pursue such a career. But nurses and medical staff are always in demand. As the pandemic has showed us, this is a role that is vital throughout changes to the global landscape and workforce. 


Accountancy is an important profession that becomes more and more in demand. As employment laws are often being updated. And businesses move to online platforms and other ways of seeking income. Keeping on top of the books is important. A qualified accountant is a sought after professional in New Zealand. Qualified accountants can work in a variety of industries. They can have varied and compelling job opportunities. As this work is necessary across many fields. Accounting is considered to have high job security.


In the age of the internet, and with more and more market strategies. It is important to have someone who can interpret the data. Statisticians analyse necessary data for corporations, and give recommendations based on that data. To excel in this field, it often requires a master’s degree. But with the qualifications you are more likely to have a job with more stability. In a larger company or corporation.


Teaching is a role that tends to have shortages in the regions. So if you fancy life outside of the city, teaching may be the profession for you. Once you have a role in teaching you are likely to stay within that role or school. As there is minimal movement. Unless you are looking for a step up or to another part of NZ. 


Arguably one of the most in demand professions currently. ICT (Information and communications technology) is one of the more stable jobs in NZ, long term. The government analysis stated that ICT has significant long term shortages. And as online technology grows, the need for those that can keep up to date with the tech is growing. ICT is also on the list of top earning professions in New Zealand. The increase continues to grow. Not only is ICT consider to have high job security but also increased need in that area of work.


A Paramedic is an in demand job in New Zealand. There is less opportunity for career progression. However you can progress in ways to increase your pay bracket. This would be by taking various courses to specialise as an intensive care paramedic. It is a highly engaging and stimulating job. This requires compassion as well as composure. 

Shopless has suggested a few job opportunities that are considered more stable jobs in New Zealand. If you are looking for a more stable job. A role with high job security listed in our blog. Or within your own area of expertise. Make sure to take a look at our careers page. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity!