how long will my car parts last

How Long Will My Car Parts Last?

When car parts are well used or not a good fit in a car they can cause rapid deterioration. Car parts that have issues can also have an effect on surrounding parts as well. So being aware of when parts may need replacing is an important factor of car ownership. Regularly servicing your car and having a thorough check ensures expert maintenance and longevity. 

Some car parts are more unpredictable in their overall longevity. Factors such as the make and model of the car can also impact the quality of the parts. Many cars also have warranties on certain parts to give owners more of a security in the knowledge the part should last at least within its warranty. However there are common parts that need replacement every now and then. As an online marketplace that sells cars and car parts Shopless has created a list of car parts with their life span and upkeep requirements.  

How long do Car Brakes last?

Brakes are a component that should be consistently looked at during an annual service. “On a front-wheel-drive car, front brake pads should last from 60,000 to 70,000 km unless you’re a courier driver. Rears tend to last longer because the fronts are doing the lion’s share of the work.” Regular inspections of these parts ensure that the entirety of the brake is in good condition. Depending on the use of the car the pads or linings may need to be cleaned or replaced on inspections. In general small preventative measures can be put in place to ensure the brakes are at optimal safety and upkeep. 

How long do Car Tires last?

Most new car tires on the market today will last around 100,000km, However there are also important factors that need to be considered in the upkeep of the tire. Checking the tread on the car regularly ensures that the car is safe to drive at all times, including over longer distances or  varied terrain. Driving styles can affect the tread, impacting wear and tear of one or more tires. And the environmental factors such as regular driving over gravel or up a hill can also impact the tread. 

Tire pressure should be checked regularly and can often be filled at petrol stations.  Wheel alignment and rotation should also be checked and monitored. To create even and consistent wear and tear the tires should be rotated every 8000 – 12,000km. 

How long do Car Batteries last? 

Battery technology is continuously improving and the longevity of the battery is increasing. Particularly with the innovation of electric cars with lithium-ion battery technology. That being said, “batteries are not something that one can repair.” A battery will generally have a standard lifespan which can be between three to five years. General factors impact the battery life such as the amount of use or stagnation of the car. Electric cars tend to have a longer lifespan of their batteries. You can get information on their longevity from the manufacturer. 

How often do Filters need replacing (Oil filters and Air Filters)? 

It is important to consistently replace your car oil. Most sources suggest that the oil should be changed every 8000 – 12000km. Regular replacement before 8000km can risk ‘overmaintanace’ which causes wear and tear to the oil filter. The Oil filter also must be replaced occasionally. The oil filter should be replaced approximately every 10,000km for a petrol car and 15,000 for a diesel. 

All air filters also need to be replaced, but should be inspected first. Standard air filters last around 240,000km so they should not be replaced on every car inspection. These can be inspected and replaced by yourself as mentioned in this article or at a car service. 

Other Car parts to consider checking

Cam belts/Timing belts:  “Typically they’ll need to be replaced at intervals based on time or kilometres travelled – a range that usually spans between 60,000 and 100,000kms”.

Windscreen wipers: As often as you notice they don’t wipe as well. 

Headlights/Tail Lights: This depends on the bulb, most bulbs last up to 1000hrs. You can test these visually to know if they need replacement. 

Shopless has given you a list of car parts and their general longevity. Along with tips for the upkeep of these parts. Make sure to take a look at the motors section of Shopless, to look for your next vehicle, car part or if you are looking to sell your car.