Best Cars to Buy with Rising Petrol Costs?

The rising petrol prices are currently a pain point for car drivers around New Zealand. Despite government efforts such as “slashing fuel excise duties and road user charges by 25c a litre each”. The price of petrol is still having a significant impact on consumers wallets. Additionally with rising inflation, many households are feeling the effects of these high fuel prices. Shopless looks into fuel efficient vehicle options, and what cars will save you a bit of money in the face of rising fuel costs.

Electric Vehicles 

Most Affordable EV – Nissan Leaf

Presently Nissan Leafs are by far the most affordable electric vehicle on the market. They are also currently the most popular electric vehicle in New Zealand. A new Nissan Leaf sits around $20,000, and according to some sources the interest in purchasing this vehicle more than doubled in the past 2 weeks. Attributing this increased interest to current petrol prices.

The downside of owning a leaf is that the battery depreciation over time is quicker then more expensive electric vehicles.  Over a period of 5 years the energy loss of the battery can be up to 23%. Which affects the length of time between each charge. For most Leaf users this is not particularly noticeable, but is a valid consideration when researching electric vehicles. 

Top Model: Tesla Model 3 Long Range

There is a range of electric cars to choose from that are all fantastic options to save money on petrol, and consider the environment when driving. However Tesla does hold top spot for the best battery life and features. – Out of the current options of EV in New Zealand. If their vehicles are within your budget for a car purchase, these vehicles are great to consider. 

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range is currently priced at $92,900. They have a battery warranty of 8 years, with a distance range of 162,000km. It is a smooth, easy to handle vehicle. Tesla also has their own super charging stations around the country which are surplus to current fast charging stations around the country, 

Cost efficient Petrol or Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota has a range of RAV4 options that appeal to the kiwi passion for larger vehicles. Most modals of this SUV have many hybrid options to choose from. AA recommends these vehicles as a fuel efficient option for New Zealanders as the hybrid models save on petrol consumption. The vehicle itself is durable for all types of NZ roads, and Toyota is well known as a consistently reliable brand. A great SUV options when facing current fuel prices. 

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Another model that boasts both the practicality of the SUV and a hybrid engine is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Stuff recommended this as the most practical kiwi vehicle when considering fuel efficiency. Although it is not considered to be one of the most fuel efficient options. It does give you the hybrid option, while being a great car for longer journeys and all types of terrain. Also practical as a family vehicle.

2018 Skoda Fabia TSI

Driven Magazine lists the Skoda Fabia as the most fuel efficient car for New Zealanders. This small car has a 1 litre three cylinder turbo engine. Due to its size, it is lightweight and has the lowest advertised fuel economy rating on the market. For those looking for a petrol car, aspects to consider are the size of the engine and the fuel efficiency rating. You will often find the smaller cars do have a better rating, but are not practical for everyone. You can also search the fuel rating of different makes and models of cars. 

It seems there is no end in sight to the increasing fuel prices. AA has warned of even further increases in prices, as petrol surpasses $3/litre. So for some it may be time to start looking at ways to reduce fuel prices. 

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