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5 Ways to Reduce Your Vehicle Running Costs

Purchasing a new car is a big expense! After you have made the purchase, you then need to think about the general running and maintenance of that car. If you commute regularly – to and from work, grocery shopping, visiting friends or leisurely drives – It all adds up. But there are ways to reduce the overall cost, without restricting your general movements in your new car. Shopless has compiled a list of 5 innovative options to reduce the overall cost of your car’s running expenses. So you can use your car more efficiently when driving.

1. Plan your trip.

If you are an organised personality or if you need more organisation in your life, trip planning might be the way to go when saving costs on your travels. Knowing exactly where you are going means that your mind is already set on the most efficient route. It also means you are a lot more intentional about your trip and tends to prevent you from making detours or stops along the way. Another benefit to trip planning could mean that you plan a longer or more detailed trip in off peak times. Allowing for these smoother driving conditions for your car provides opportunity for your vehicle to conserve fuel over a longer distance.

2. Do not take unnecessary baggage in your car.

Like on an aircraft, added baggage means increased fuel consumption and increased wear and tear. If you tend to take a lot of clutter with you on your journey, maybe it is time to evaluate what is important to take. Multiple bags in a boot or heavy contents in your car is going to cause more strain. With more baggage the car will need to work harder, regardless of the quality of your car. It is wise to frequently clean the interior of your car, ensuring that there are no stains or deterioration from carrying around a lot of baggage. A cleaner, lighter car is going to travel smoother and with less overall running costs.

3. Get your car serviced regularly

Servicing your car is something a lot of people tend to avoid. Many car owners do not realise that a service is not included when you get a WOF for the car. A small cost of the service upfront will prevent long term unexpected bills. In a car service the mechanic will do tasks such as checking the oil and testing the brake fluid and suspension, to ensure the main components of the car are running smoothly. Regularly servicing your car means your car is working efficiently, providing better long term care for your car. Small details such as an oil check are checked regularly, overall having less effect on the cars overall running costs.

4. Check your tyres

Tyre choice and tyre pressure have a major impact on the overall running costs of the car. And are frequently mentioned as an important thing to check if you want to save money. And look after your car. Some sources suggest “You can improve your gas mileage by 0.6% on average—up to 3% in some cases—by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure”. This ensures the car runs smoother, and isn’t obstructed by the drag of uneven or deflated tyres. You can also consult professionals in regards to the most efficient car tyres for your car, if this is of great importance to you.

5. Utilise technology

Technology is an important tool that we have in today’s society to help cut costs when driving. Using a GPS or an in phone map allows you to plan the most efficient route for your journeys. If you are unfamiliar with the best route to where you are going, a GPS will advise the best and fastest route. They also try to take into account any delays that have been reported. You can be even more diligent with your trip tracking technology. And request the best route with the least traffic lights or stops in order to take into account your engine use.

Additionally you can use technology to minimise car running costs in other ways. For example, in New Zealand we have apps advising the cheapest fuel in your area. If you already do trip planning, as mentioned earlier in the blog, then planning your route with the cheapest location for fuel is a great initiative to embrace.

Shopless has offered a few ways to reduce the overall cost of running your car. So the vehicle running expenses that come from your new car purchase an be kept at a minimum. If you are looking to buy or sell your car, make sure to take a look at the vehicle listings on Shopless, here.